How Much Ang Pow To Give a Wedding Couple

Every time I receive an invitation to attend a wedding, a question that I will invariably ask myself is: “How much ang pow should I give?”

Most of us would want to make sure that we give an appropriate amount, lest we come across as being stingy pokers!

How Much An g Pow To Give a Wedding Couple

As a rule of thumb, I would give at least enough to cover the cost of the table, per head. For example, if a table of 10 costs $1000 after taxes, I would set aside $100 if I am going alone. $200 if the hubby is coming as well.

In certain instances, there may be variances from this norm:

1. A close relative
50-80% more would be nice, especially if he or she was generous at your wedding. If you are not yet married, then hope for the same generosity you have extended to them.

2. A close friend or BFFs (Best Friends Forever)
You have regarded this person is as being close to you almost like a brother or sister. 50% more would be a nice gesture.

3. You have RSVPed but are not able to make it to the event. If you have informed the wedding couple 1-2 weeks in advance, give 80% of the full amount. With this time frame, the couple could probably make alternative arrangements. If you have informed the wedding couple just a few days before the wedding, give the full amount. In either cases, have someone drop it off on your behalf first.

A compilation of banquet prices can be found in our banquet price listings. These should give you a pretty good idea on the current ang pow rates! Now you never have to fret over how much ang pow to give!

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